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So, You Want to Have a Nose Job?

People seek rhinoplasty because they think that their noses don’t fit their facial proportions. If a person thinks that his nose does not fit his face, then it is the main reason why they seek a nose job or a Rhinoplasty. The best nose procedure is something that makes you still look like you but only better with everything on your face in good proportion.

Having a nose job should just be to improve the looks of your nose so that your overall facial beauty is enhanced without making it look like it belongs to somebody else. It is the desire of most women to make their noses look more feminine while men want their noses to look truly masculine.

Nose jobs don’t really hurt. There is no pain experienced in undergoing a Rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty is not painful at all compared to other plastic surgery procedures. And many patients will tell you that they had very little discomfort during the procedure.

However, the nose can swell inside after Rhinoplasty. There will be bruising and swelling inside the nose but with advancement in Rhinoplasty, this is very minimal. It will heal in under a week.

Another great feat of people who refuse to undergo Rhinoplasty procedures is the idea that their noses will be packed with lengths of gauze for a long time after the procedure but while this was true before, it is no longer used today. Before, the most painful part of the recovery was removing the packing. This is not the way it is done today. When Rhinoplasty is performed today, the surgeon simply puts a small non-adhesive packing which is removed before the patient goes home. If you have undergone complex nasal procedures, reconstruction, or those involving your sinus, then packing will take longer.

Some Rhinoplasty patients had to go back and have their noes touched up. There are patients that scar and these are the types of patient who need a revision. Sometimes during recovery, the cartilage framework that supports the nose twists or end in a wayward way. This needs some minor surgical modification to be righted.

There are, however, other methods aside from surgery to revise this condition. There are imperfections that can be corrected using injectable treatments that can be applied in the office. There is only a small number of patients who didn’t get their nose to look the way they wanted it to.

So if you need a nose job to enhance your facial beauty, you should look for the best plastic surgeon to perform facial cosmetic surgery procedure or Rhinoplasty to achieve your goals. Rhinoplasty procedures are not painful but with this job you will soon have a nose that will look perfect on you without changing how you actually look.

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