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Reasons why one should Consider Working with the Indian Government.

It is not easy to have a good job. Most people dream of working with the government parastatals because of different reasons. It is not easy to find a government position being advertised anywhere else apart from specific websites. The following are advantages of working in government offices in India.

People employed by the government are assured of secure jobs all the time. A private sector might close anytime due to the financial crisis. It is better when one is assured that he or she has a job.
One gets more allowances in a government job in India. The Indian government provides additional cash together with the basic salary, which one is supposed to get. Some private jobs might be having them but not a guarantee that all will have them. It is good if you consider following the websites that advertise government jobs so that you can apply.

You will always receive your payment on time. It is a rule that all civil servants should receive their wages on time without delay or failure to pay some people. Some business people, do not pay their staff on time and sometimes they even fail to pay the salaries at all. Some companies do not pay a salary at the end or beginning of every month. People who find themselves in this situation, are unable to pay their bills at the end of the month as other people do. It is rare to find a civil servant, complaining of delayed salary or not being paid for working in any government office.

One gets to enjoy the free health care provided by the Indian government to the employees. With the health insurance, which most people get from the government, it becomes easy to receive any medical attention together with your family. Some private sectors have started to adapt to this scheme but not all. Most people who are in the private sector are always forced to pay for their own medical bills if their employer does not take care of this.

There are fixed promotions in every government job. Once you attain a specific goal you are likely to be promoted or after working for a certain period you will automatically receive your promotion. Once you receive a promotion, you get to have more benefits than you used when you were at the lower level. You will have more salary and not have more work to do.

One does not work for a lot of hours like you would when working for a private company. There is always a scheduled time when one is supposed to be at work and when to go home to rest. Entrepreneurs, force people to work for more hours so that they can enhance their productivity in order to produce more goods and get more profits.

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