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Brief Info about William Painter Who Invented the Bottle Opener

An ice-cold beer has over the years found its place at the heart of many people. However, their ultimate focus is always on the beer and not on the bottle top or the tool used to remove or open the bottle. there is need to acknowledge the inventor or the person who invented bottle openers. The points below will explain some fundamental information about William Painter who invented bottle openers.

1839 was the birth year of William Painter and he was born in Triadelphia, Maryland. Later on when he was 20 years old, William relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where he established his invention work. William Painter was overly successful; in his invention career. It was at the age of 52 that he invented the bottle opener. The reason why he settled for the bottle openers was to avail a unique product that will record a lot of sales hence more yields. Generally, he invented bottle caps first which has a crown cork style. The design or the crown cork caps that William invented are still quite identical with the ones used today. Two years after inventing the crown caps, William invented the Church Keycap Lifter. It was through this lifter that people manage dot remove the bottle caps with a lot of ease. Both the cap lifter and the crown cork caps earned William patents.

William Painter had his aspirations and he wanted to make more inventions that will revolutionize the beer industry. It was in the year 1898 that William came up with an invention of a foot powered crowner device or machine. The machine was to seal beers using the crown caps that William invented years ago and it was to be used by bottlers as well as retailers. The efficient and the speed that the machine brought to the bottling or sealing process motivated many bottlers and retailer to procure one. The popularity of the crowner device increased or rather advanced as it would simplify work; reduce a lot of labor, maximizing the sealed bottles hence saving time, energy and money. As a matter of facts, William managed to earn a great fortune from these inventions.

William experienced growth and he was willing to go international. William started identifying countries where he could enlarge his territories and in 1906 he was already making this a reality. Brazil, Japan and Germany where some of these countries where he was establishing plants. He was always eyeing at making the beer industry revolutionized and better.

William died in the year 1906 at the age of 67 years. William lived a prosperous life as he realized what the beer industry lacked and availed a reliable solutions. His company, Crown Holding’s, Inc. is still operational and it is headquartered in Philadelphia. Crown Holding’s, Inc. makes sales of $6.5 billion. It has enlarged its operations and territories to more than 40 countries. There are more than 25,000 people employed by the company.

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